Lessons & Coaching

Fact-based Functional instruction. One presses down the piano keys; guitar strings are plucked. One blows air to make a trumpet sound, and to play the drums, one uses arms and feet. The human voice originates inside us, it is personal and absolutely exclusive to a given individual. Singing is an art of coordination, and like every art form, it requires attention and patience. The 20th-century brought with itself big steps in the development of vocal pedagogy. Facts about the science of the singing voice are now more accessible, offering significant advantages to enhance traditional pedagogical methods. 


It is an individual journey! I strive to provide my students with the tools necessary to achieve vocal freedom (regardless of the musical style) through the study of their own instrument, learning how to "listen" to the body and avoiding manipulation or a manufactured vocal production.

Ricardo's Teaching Philosophy
Sepúlveda-Rodríguez TEACHING PHILOSOPH
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Getting Started.

  • Private voice lessons are offered to students age 12 and up (in person only)
  • Vocal and musical coaching are offered to students of any age (also available through Zoom)
  • A 30-minute sample lesson (at no cost) will be scheduled before any agreement is made
  • Visit the contact section for more information

Rates. (Revised as February 2023)

  • $35.00/half hour
  • $65.00/hour

Cancelation Policy.

  • 24-hour notice (minimum) is required for cancelations
  • Student (or parent) is responsible for the cost of sessions NOT canceled 24 hours prior to the lesson time
  • Lessons may be rescheduled if canceled 24 hours (minimum) in advance